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Unify your communications with 3CX Phone System for Windows – an IP Phone System that completely replaces your proprietary PBX, supports standard SIP soft/hard phones, VoIP services and traditional PSTN phone lines. 3CX Phone System is far less expensive than a traditional PBX and can reduce call costs substantially by using a VoIP service provider. Its web-based administration makes phone system management easy. 3CX Phone System eliminates the phone wiring network and allows users to easily work remotely.

Easily Manage

3CX Phone System features native clients for Mac and Windows OS, allowing you to easily manage your phone calls, whether in the office using CTI and your deskphone, or on the road using the inbuilt softphone. See presence status of your colleagues, configure call forwarding rules, log phone calls in your CRM package or setup conference calls with a few mouse clicks.

It sets itself apart from the competition with its easy installation and management. As its software-based and for Windows, 3CX Phone System is easy to install and requires no additional software training. Setup takes minutes and 3CX Phone System will run on an existing Windows machine (not necessarily dedicated) or virtualized in a Hyper-V or VMware instance. But 3CX goes much further than that. A big part of an IP phone system installation is the configuration of the IP Phones, the gateways and softphones.

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