About Us

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CyberSharks.Net was started in 1997 by a web developer who was in need of a reliable place to host his websites. He was hosting with different companies in 1997 but most had an unreliable network or the customer support was so bad he could not get anything done. So in 1998 he ordered his first web server and added an internet connection through the local telephone company. He then continued to build web sites and place them on his own servers.

Then people started calling him to host their sites because of bad service at other hosting providers. So CyberSharks.Net web hosting had begun. CyberSharks.Net was first started in one room of an old house off the beaten path in Greenville, NC. From there we moved into a townhouse located just outside the city. We designated one room to be our server room and that quickly filled up so we expanded into other rooms of the townhouse telling ourselves each time that room would never fill up with servers. But soon the whole townhouse was full of web servers, window air conditioners, and staff, and we had no power left to plug in one more web server and no room to put one more employee. So in 2002 we got down to designing our new facility from scratch.

We toured other data centers, received input from customers, hired consultants, and spoke to all of our employees to see what they would want in a new facility. After months of consideration we decided on a 5000 square feet facility housing everything under one roof with with plenty of room for future growth and with plans to expand. In August of 2003 CyberSharks.Net broke ground for the future and by late April of 2004 the facility was finally ready to move into.

Our Approach

The CyberSharks.Net facility was designed to work through any type of situation that could arise: the first of which, we run BGP4 on our Cisco Routers that allows us to bring in more than one internet provider such as AT&T, Sprint, SBC Global and so on. So if we were to lose a carrier your web site will continue to run unaffected. The facility also runs redundant back up battery supplies in the event of a power failure and will also utilize an on site generator power plant that can run the entire facility with out interruptions indefinitely.

What we’re about

CyberSharks.Net offers cutting-edge network support with the latest internet technologies available, including Windows Server 2012 and Linux servers. CyberSharks.Net hosts thousands of web sites world wide. Our customers are fortune 500 companies to the smallest of companies and include names like Pepsi, PGA, and Yale. Unlike other internet service providers who offer internet access as well as web hosting and development, CyberSharks.Net only offers web hosting and development..

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