IT Consulting:


CyberSharks.Net Will Help You Expand!

When you are moving to a different office or opening a new office, you need to make sure that your new IT infrastructure is in place and ready to go when you are. Will your new location have network ports where you need them? Where should you place your servers in the new building? CyberSharks.Net is ready to help you solve these relocation problems.

We’ll help you with the planning!

When you have picked out your new location, we will do an on-site inspection and be ready to help you with all of the IT planning. Then, when it is time to set up the new location, our team of experts will be in the loop and ready to help you get all of your IT resources in place in record time!

Operational in record time!

At your new location we’ll help you get a network in place, acquire any new hardware that you need, provision a security firewall, install your workstations, and create a VPN to your other offices, if necessary. A new office is an opportunity to plan things correctly from the ground up; let us help you make your new environment as efficient and productive as possible!